2nd International Conference on Computational Modelling, Simulation and Optimization (ICCMSO-2023)

Special Sessions

Title: Advanced Computation Techniques in Engineering

Session Chair (s):
Dr. Sandeep Singh Kang, Professor, Chandigarh University Punjab, INDIA
Dr. Raman Chadha, Professor, Chandigarh University Punjab, INDIA
Dr. Sanjay Singla, Professor ,Chandigarh University, Punjab, INDIA
Dr. Mohd. Abdul Wassay, Professor, Chandigarh University Punjab, INDIA

Computation Techniques have become prominent research interests spreading across multiple domains such as Cyber security, Healthcare, Image processing, Agriculture, Financial services, Data mining, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science applications. Because of growing importance, researchers from academia and industry are evaluating possibility of developing computationally efficient approaches by applying advanced Computation algorithms.

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Title : Application of Machine Learning in Structural Mechanics

Session Chair (s):
Dr. Susmita Naskar, University of Southampton, UK
Dr. Nitesh P. Yelve, IIT Bombay, INDIA

This session’s objective is to discuss current developments in machine learning approaches applied to materials, structures, and mechanics. Machine learning(ML) has become the most successful branch of artificial intelligence(AI). It provides a unique opportunity to make structural mechanics more predictable due to its ability in handling complex structural systems under extreme conditions. Materials of interest include but are not limited to composite materials, glasses, rubber, metals, polymers, ceramics, biomaterials, metamaterials, hydrogel, granular materials, etc.

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Title : Applications & Computational Modeling of Renewable Energy Systems

Session Chair (s):
Dr. Rajneesh Kaushal, NIT Kurukshetra, INDIA
Dr. Muhamed Rasit Atelge,SIIRT University, TURKEY

This session’s objective is to discuss recent developments in the area of renewable energy using computational tools. The renewable energy has received significant attention due to the awareness about the sustainability and increased energy demands. This special session also provides an opportunity to interact and establish professional relations for future collaboration. The special session aims to promote innovations and work of researchers, engineers, students and scientists from across the world on renewable energy.

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Title : Industry 4.0 Driven Advanced Manufacturing System

Session Chair (s):
Dr. Vishal Ashok Wankhede, Pandit Deendayal Energy University, Gujarat, INDIA
Dr. Rohit Agrawal, Indian Institute of Management, Bihar, INDIA

The objective of this session is to understand the current advancement in manufacturing systems. Industry 4.0 introduced several disruptive technologies to improve productivity, flexibility, and quality across manufacturing industries. The crucial role of additive manufacturing, Internet of Things, Big data analytics etc. has been seen in optimizing all aspects of process value chain. Advance manufacturing represents utilization of digital technologies to improve industry’s competitiveness in the manufacturing sector. Some of the key which can focus upon to product positive impact of Industry 4.0 are sustainability, agile manufacturing, productivity improvement, Customization etc. With respect to this aspect, this session aimed to present application of Industry 4.0 in transforming manufacturing system in terms of identifying its challenges, barriers, and motivating factors. Further, the session also aimed to discuss various aspect of supply chain which in turn helps in deploying advance manufacturing system.

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